has finally added support for backdrop-filter in v103. 🥳 🎉

@incognet Any update on the availability of MicroKVM instances?

I know there's nothing on the website as of now, but I do have a lot of stuff planned for the upcoming months, I'm just busy with IRL stuff atm.

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Let's do an

👋 I'm Whizanth. I've been lurking on the fediverse since 2019, but a few months ago I've set up my own instance and would like to use it properly from now on.

I have a blog at whizanth.com where I'm going to be writing about topics I'm interested in: & more!

@stux With 11 years of experience maintaining WordPress sites, I'd say stay away from WordPress.

@stux I'm not sure if it showed up multiple times, but if it did so, I'm truly sorry! It looks like I still have to configure a few things properly.

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